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Since 1968, Jersan has been carrying out the production of both cotton and blended fiber fabrics by the extensive machinery platform it has.
Through the highness of demand, the firm has also been conducting the production and sales of the finished garments in its own structure since the beginning of 2000s.

Keeping in the forefront of technological innovation through the follow-up of international fairs and publications and not to revise its related budget even in the period of severe crisis has always been one of the most essential company policies of Jersan.

The yarns that are used as raw material are imported from Egypt which are selected from Giza 70 and Giza 88, the extra-long and highest quality fibers in the world. These yarns knitted to be raw fabrics after being dyed in hygenic anti-carcinogenic chemicals that are in no way harmfull for the end-user (test results available upon request) and then delivered to the dyhouse to be processed.

Those fabrics being carefully processed are subjected to twisting, peeling, shrinkage, dye sensitivity, light and sweated-light sensitivity and finally washing tests in order to be ready for all sorts of usage.


All dyes and chemicals used in our yarns, sizing and finishing procedures are in compliance with the norms of ISO 9002, and do not contain any material harmful to human health.

Yarn Dyes * The 100% cotton reactive dyed yarns used by Jersan Knitting Inc. do not contain materials of a carcinogenic nature such as AZO dying materials or compositions.
* Apart from the pigments, in all dyes that we use, the 20 pieces of aminins do not exceed the limit of 300ppm for carcinogenic material in solution, as described in the decree issued by the German Ministry of Health concerning Compulsory Consumption Materials (ISO 9002).


What is basically used:

1- 60/2 extra-long fiber Egyptian cotton Giza 70 ve 88
2- 36/2 extra-long fiber Egyptian cotton Giza 86 ve 89
3- 80/2 extra-long fiber Egyptian cotton Giza 70 ve 88
4- 30/1 Aegian domestic cotton
5- 20/1 Aegian domestic cotton
6- 24/1 Aegian domestic cotton.
7- Silk and Silk Blends
8- Linen and Linen Blends
9- Melange

All accesories required at the stage of confection such as fabrics for plackets and piping, along with all kinds of plain, mini-jacquard, tipped and fully-fashioned collars are manifactured by the machinery situated at Jersan’s own plant.

The delivery schedules concerning delivery of fabrics are as follow: in a mass production season (September – May), depending on our production schedules: minimum 5 to maximum 11 weeks; other than the mass production season (June – August): minimum 3 to maximum 6 weeks.

These periods can be taken as reference, except for very exceptional cases. However, in cases of over-demand for a specific product, these delivery schedules may be extended by 10 days.

Our sample production periods are generally mid-April to end-August. Within the stated period, the requested sample can be delivered to the buyer in 30 days with a minimum amount of 25 mt/color.
Orders that are less than 50 mt/color is priced as double. Also, during the aforesaid period, designers prepare a periodic collection of work, samples of which may be seen in our showroom as swatches and some as model t-shirts.
The swatches can be obtained when the company is visited. All designs prepared within our company are registered trademarks and their unauthorized usage is strictly forbidden. Please be sure to make an appointment 24 hours prior to your visit to our company.

The range of machines owned by the company allows a production of 300.000 kg or 1,500,000 MTS per year in cases of 100% usage of capacity, and these figures give Jersan the flexibility to produce whether in bulk or for a minimum boutique type of production.

Our garment capacity is 500.000 pcs. per year.

Managers: 5 persons
Marketing: 2 persons
Planning: 2 persons
Production line: 20 persons
Accounting: 1 person
Modelling and sampling: 6 persons
QC: 2 persons
Warehouse: 5 persons
Designers: 2 persons
Others: 5 persons





  • Address : Merkez Mah. Güvenç Sk, No:4, Bomonti, Şişli, İstanbul, Türkiye
    Post Code: 34381
  • Phone Number : +90 (0) 212 225 1731 pbx

    Fax Number : +90 (0) 212 296 0773
  • Company Gsm Number : +0 533 6589847
  • http://www.jersan.com
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