Established in 1968 as "Davsan" in Istanbul, we've evolved into "Jersan" – a trusted family-owned business that specializes in crafting high-quality knitted fabrics and ready-to-wear garments. With a rich heritage spanning generations, we've refined our expertise to bring you the finest textiles.

Based in the bustling Bomonti district of Istanbul, our production facility is a testament to our dedication to quality. As a third-generation operation, we're proud to continue the tradition of producing exceptional fabrics in-house. Our skilled artisans and modern techniques ensure that every piece carries the mark of precision and excellence.

Sustainability is at the core of our values. We're committed to environmental responsibility by producing a portion of our fabric collection using recycled and organic yarns. This not only supports a cleaner planet but also results in garments that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation.

At "Jersan," we're not just crafting fabrics – we're weaving a legacy of quality, sustainability, and timeless design.


Our History


Company Establishment

Our company was founded in 1968 in Istanbul under the name "Davsan".


Company Name Change

In 1976, the company name was changed to "Jersan."


Initiated fabric manufacturing

In 1982, we acquired our first knitting machines and began fabric production.


Initiated Garment Production

By 2000, in addition to fabric manufacturing, we also commenced ready-to-wear garment production.